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Cool little Auckland apartments

Our friends, Rosemary and Cynthia,  have a very cool apartment, from whose heights we can see the new Pink Walk. This is a strangely unused piece of motorway, curving through the middle of Auckland. Someone has painted it a brilliant pink and installed lights which change colour as you walk along, high above speeding cars. A magical playful urban walk, which makes people smile at complete strangers, and break into dance when you least expect it.20160213_213431

For us novice caravanners, our city apartment is a concrete pad at the Remuera Motor Lodge. Danielle can now back and manoeuvre the caravan,  and we can set up in under 5 minutes. In another 10 minutes we can be sitting in St Matthews in the City, for a beautiful sung liturgy. Otherwise we can drive on the North Western Motorway to see two little grandsons and their parents. At the end of a hot afternoon we can return to float in the sun warmed pool and sip chilled wine in our little, still- anonymous, caravan. All this for only $45 a night.



Lights on the pohutukawa sculpture at the city end of the North West motorway


Help us name the caravan

IMG_3303Does a caravan need a name?This little van of ours is technically a Compass Lynx, but we wonder if it needsa name with character, meaning and even humour .

Some names we won’t choose are :Just us Two, Wanderer, SKI, Happy Daze, Love Boat, even Thistle do, Basil, Sibyl, the shed, Movin and Groovin, and Didyabringthebeeralong,

Names are definitely important for people, especially women who are often written out of history.

Judy Small wrote this song about the first woman in Australia to vote:

What was her name/ tell me what was her name? The woman striding out/ to the ballot box to claim/ the right to make her mark/ and set the world aflame/She’s a sister of mine/Tell me, what was her name.watershed 079

We are just talking about a caravan here, but for us, it is a symbol of this stage of life, of the freedom to up and go, of our desire to live (very) simply, to be in beautiful places, and do (very) little.

Our last naming was for Watershed Cottage, our retreat house in the bush, on the Coromandel, overlooking the sea . That place was the culmination of our dreams of an intentional community, and gave us a memorable six years.watershed 053-001

Now this small white caravan parked in the drive is the vehicle(sorry) of this generation of dreams.

So does that need a name? Or will it always be ‘the caravan’?

On our fence we have some white wooden angels, from Trade Aid. They usually get blown down in a strong westerly wind but the storm yesterday could not budge them.Image result for white wooden angels

‘Fallen Angels’- is that a good name for our caravan, and possibly for the people in it?

How about ‘Maiden Voyage’? “Hildegard’?

Any ideas welcome.Help us name the caravan!

Caravanablog with Ceri and Danielle

January 2015 Waipu, Northland.


’Look, Danielle, this is what I want for us!- a caravan, sun, pohutukawa and that holiday feeling.

We were doimg the summer holiday drift, through Art Form Gallery in Waipu, and this painting had captivated me.

We did not buy a caravan right then , but we did buy the picture. Back in Cambridge,I propped it up on a table on the terrace, then finally mounted on the fence. From the sitting room, we could gaze at it.IMG_3201

‘Dreams are no good without a goal’, say  my self improvement books.

‘By Labour weekend, we will have decided about getting a caravan.’

There were some problems- our car is not strong enough, we don’t have much money, and we know nothing about caravans.

Summer ended, autumn blasted in, and in the winter, I was working in Hastings. The caravan story was about to move on.

PS. the painting is a Garden Art Panel, by Jo May