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BFF:Caravan and shed

The simpler we want the caravan to be, the more equipment it seems to need.

We have an awning, poles, footing, a fresh water container, a grey water container, plus two bright pink outdoor chairs. All this needs to be stored. We needed a small shed.

But sheds come in flat packs, and someone has to unpack them and assemble them. While I can use a sewing machine and construct almost any kind of garment, I hate things that require metal tools.  Danielle can put together flat pack cupboards and shelves. But a shed was all too hard.

Cambridge Autumn Festival, New ZealandThe Cambridge Autumn Festival had a fundraising competition.

Six sheds were donated,  then painted by different Cambridge businesses. They were to then be auctioned. I desperately wanted one of these sheds, but my limited budget made me very hesitant .I tried to blend into the background at the auction.

To my surprise, the bidding was in my price range, so I bravely entered the race.  And won a beautiful decorated shed. Not only did I win the shed at a great price, the proceeds went to the Cancer Society, and we have a work of art in our driveway.

It sits next to the caravan when it is at home, and it makes us smile each time we see the trees and birds painted on all four sides.

Every caravan needs a cute little shed.